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Dental Kits and Oral Disease

By: Suzzy Tolofari

Research shows that homelessness is associated with poor oral health including a high incidence of missing and decayed teeth, gum disease, oral pain, infections, and other related conditions because of lack of oral heath care. The lack of dental care has been a great concern among the homeless community in America. Evidence has shown that the longer an individual experiences homelessness, the greater the number of missing or decayed teeth and the higher the presence of periodontal disease. 


Dentists and dental health professionals’ states that the regular brushing of teeth before and after food and flossing will help decrease the chances of decaying teeth and conditions such as gingivitis. 


The giveaway of dental kits by Hygiene for Humanity (H4H) with floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and among others will gradually reduce the occurrence of oral disease among individuals in the community.

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