Mission Statement 

Offering hope, care, and support to the community by providing for people’s basic hygienic needs

Hygiene for Humanity (H4H) was born in 2012 out of love for people and a burning desire to help others while they re-establish themselves.  On February 14, 2017, H4H was formally established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the purpose of providing for personal care needs with the intent to improve health and social outcomes.

What We Do

We originally targeted providing personal care kits to men and women who sought the assistance of shelters and other non-profit organizations but have since expanded to include youth outreach. 

Personal Care Kits

It is our intent to ensure that each recipient knows their personal care kit was made with lots of love and especially for them.  Our kits continue to evolve and provide what is needed for the people we serve. 

Youth Outreach

H4H wants to play an active role in teaching students about establishing good hygiene habits.  We conduct hygiene workshops and have recently begun partnering with schools to develop a means for sharing personal care products.

Our kits and outreach programs are all based on the following hygienic areas:

– Body Hygiene (skin care)

– Oral Hygiene (oral care)

– Handwashing (hand care)

– Hair Hygiene (hair care)

– Feminine Hygiene (female care)

As an organization, it is our hope to reach as many people and organizations as possible in order to spread the practice of good hygiene which will in turn bring better outcomes to our community and more importantly the individuals we serve.

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